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Some thoughts about Fortran.

Fortran has evolved a great deal since 1977.  Most programmers don't know this.  It seems the vast majority of programmers, even FORTRAN programmers, think Fortran stopped development in 1977.  The reality is that Fortran 90 made radical changes to the old FORTRAN 77 standard.  For example, modular programming, pointers, derived data types (i.e. structures), overloading and more were added while removing many clumsy features that often lead to bad code (i.e. GOTO statements).  Additional improvements in Fortran 95, 2003 and 2008 give Fortran programmers the best tools for math and science applications - better than any other programming language I can think of.  It is quite sad that many programmers are writing math and science code in C or C++ simply because they believe Fortran is stuck in 1977.  Maybe some of the code and articles presented here will encourage a few mathematicians, engineers and scientists to learn more about Fortran and see what it has to offer.

The code offered in this site uses the features found in the modern Fortran standards.  I am quite familiar with the Fortran 2003 standard.  I am still learning about Fortran 2008.  As I learn I will present articles here, such as Co-arrays.